November 22, 2012

Know How for Business Intelligence – Self Service BI with PowerPivot

masVenta Business offers consultants and training courses for Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management are mandatory for most companies today.  Unfortunately, the Business considers the available IT solutions too inflexible which forces the financial analysts to use Excel to create the final reports. This requires special IT skills, is mostly not documented and thus cannot be traced back easily. The management of risks like compliancy breaches and wrong financial reporting is not sufficient in most cases. But on the other hand, the Business has no choice as the IT cannot catch up with the pace of the required changes.

Read more about BI Trainings:

TR-BI-001 Analyzing Business Data with PowerPivot 2 Days 1.280,-
TR-BI-002 The Microsoft BI-Stack 3 Days 1.680,-
TR-BI-003 Business Intelligence Requirements Analysis 2 Days  1.280,-


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