Business Process Management

In the area of Business Process Management is Customer Relationship Management without any doubt one of the biggest challenges for most modern companies. Many businesses still concentrate on producing a product and then selling it-- they have a very narrow vison because they only see their own needs and sales. CRM and XRM mean a consequent orientation towards all stakeholders in order to work more effectively and sell the product needed. The needs of stakeholders-- especially customers-- are the center of attention. Improving customer satisfaction means that customers are loyal to the company. This flow of action is one of the most modern strategies in today’s company culture. This type of corporate philosophy also includes linkin suppliers and consultants, for example, who  are happy with the harmonic partnerships. Long-time partnerships decrease the amount of errors and exceptions and increase the chance of better deals. Therefore, we must look at managing relationships holistically.

Even though this strategy is very modern, approaches often fail due to faulty planning, bad sponsoring, and especially insufficient communication between stakeholders.

We offer more than just Analysts or Concepts. If desired, we accompany your project as coaches or take responsibility for the entire project. This includes Change Management (change of work flows or organization standards), Requirements Management (choosing the best tools for the project), and Professional Realization and Integration.

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