Watermark Learning, Minneapolis, USA

Since 1992, Watermark Learning has combined industry best practices, a practical approach, and an engaging delivery to help thousands further their professional development. Through our unique approach, our clients receive business analysis, project management, and business process management training. We enable both organizations and individuals to define, analyze, improve, and deliver products and services that solve business problems.

Roland Gareis Consulting, Vienna

Roland Gareis Consulting GmbH (RGC) is an internationally oriented consulting and training company for the sustainable development of organizational and individual skills in project and program management, process management, change management,  and business analysis. The consulting, training and coaching services are based on the originary management approaches RGC PROCESS, RGC PROJECT, RGC CHANGE und RGC SOCIAL. RGCresearch supports the further development of our management approaches.
For more than 30 years RGC's thought leadership is reflected in various publications, cooperation with universities as well as in the execution of international conferences. A yearly highlight is the international management conference HAPPYPROJECTS.

BPM&0, Cologne

We´re crazy about BPM. Business process management is not just our daily business. It´s our passion. No, really. We know: Successful process management does not happen as flow charts. It´s about the hearts and minds of people and it´s about the way that they collaborate. On the other hand – what´s perfect organization worth if the processes don´t run or you use the wrong software? Not much. This is whay we focus on all these aspects if we collaborate with you on a project: processes, organization, pople and IT. What we do is BPM in 360 degrees, really. BPM for people aiming to be more than just successful: enthusiastic.

CGV Schulungen, Cologne

CGV Schulungen has been established 2005 as flexible IT Training provider with a focus on Microsoft Office products. Our customers trust in CGV and know that the training concepts are individually tailored according to their needs.
You will get training courses
-when you need them, as our trainers can be flexibly booked
-where you need them, if it is in in Sankt Augustin or in Blomberg, or if it is at your premises
-how you want them as your trainings needs are assessed with surveys or by face to face interviews before we start.
CGV Schulungen prefers to work with own materials as they are perfectly aligned with the course contents.

Systemhaus SAR GmbH, Baesweiler

Our team consists of 16 members, who campaign for IT being a valuable contribution to companies since 1993. We consider ourselves as your reliable partner, providing you individually and personally. Liability differs us from our competitors. Systemhaus SAR is no large concern with standardized work sequences and determined procedures. This is our big benefit: We adjust flexibly to you and your requirements. Our product range includes service-management, client-management, data-management and  IT-operation as well as IT- infrastructure. We advise and guide you competently and take care of your IT-Security in every aspect of our portfolio.  If you are only  looking for a cheap hardware-provider, others can do better than us. Because we see our main task in developing perfectly customized solutions. We do believe that your IT should support and not burden your company. That's why we think about your IT intensively. So you can concentrate on your core business.  We differ from our competitors in being close to our customer. But as any other competitor we have an ear to the ground in certifications and trainings. IT-Development is fast moving, we stay in the loop and get trained. So we are always up-to-date to advise you currently and in the long term.

aixit GmbH, Offenbach am Main

The aixit company was founded in Aachen in 1996 and has been operating since the inception of the internet in Germany. Meanwhile, the business has grown steadily. After moving from Aachen to Frankfurt am Main in 2004, aixit has specialized on high-quality redundant business-to-business housing. They offer effective and highly-available internet solutions by providing various peerings and IP upstreams.
Aixit has been setting a high value on the word `service`. By steadily improving and optimizing their services, they can always offer their customers the best support available.
Also since 2004, aixit has been working in the area of virtualization, which allows more flexibility and a higher utilization of IT resources.

proventis GmbH, Berlin

Founded in 2001 as a software and consultancy company, proventis now employs 25 staff members working on simple and effective solutions concerning project management. In 2007, our partner was awarded with the ``Technology Fast 50 Award`` by the Deloitte Company.
Proventis‘ main product is ‘Blue Ant’, a completely web based and process-orientated project management software. Apart from functions for planning and operating projects, ‘Blue Ant’ offers document management and automates numerous approval and communication processes. Because the software is web based, all members of a project receive access to a standardized platform regardless of their location.
The simple and independent way Blue Ant works results in better communication, more transparency within the projects, and results in a measurable reduction of cost and time.


International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®)

The German Chapter of the International Institutes of Business Analysis (IIBA®) is a registered association according to German law. The Chapter is part of an international community aiming for standards and best practises in the area of Business Analysis, focussed mainly on activities in Germany.
The Chapter contributes to selected topics within the area of Business Analysis with the attitude to deliver best quality. All contributions are generally aligned with the Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) which is an international framework covering all areas of Business Analysis.

The offerings of the Chapter are made for all professionals independent from branches. Personal development of professionals is considered main purpose of the Chapter. This is provided in Chapter-Meetings, Webinars, Workshops, Conferences or in Study Groups which are formed with the help of the Chapter to prepare students for certification exams.

masVenta Managing Director Rainer Wendt, PMP, CBAP, is President of the IIBA Germany Chapter in Frankfurt.

masVenta Business GmbH is accredited Endorsed Education Provider (EEP®) Nr. E67393 of the IIBA®. Thus all course materials are closely aligned with the BABOK®.
Our partner Partner Watermark Learning is as well Endorsed Education Provider of the IIBA and provides the Watermark Learning CCBA/CBAP Study Guide and the CCBA/CBAP Online Exam Simulation which is fully aligned to the BABOK®. Elizabeth und Richard Larson, owner of Watermark Learning, are Co-Authors of the BABOK® and the PMBOK®.


Federation of small and medium-sized IT Businesses in Germany (BITMi)

The BITMi is the independent association of German IT businesses with fewer than 750 employees. Members come from areas such as hard- and software, consulting, and system integration.
The association looks after the needs of small- and medium-sized companies in the IT area, which are often different to the needs of large concerns in the IT Industry. BITMi is accredited by the German Parliament and is actively involved in various political committees in Germany and the European Union. For example the association is part of the board of experts of the Ministry of Economics and Technology who give advice regarding the annual national IT conference.