Corporate Philosophy

Established consultancy companies will analyze a customer‘s needs and suggest an appropriate solution. However, the job of realization is mostly done by others, so that quite often good concepts never end up being realized.

Established solution-providing companies will provide fast and professional deployment of their favourite solutions by offering training and personal support with their own staff. However, these solutions often do not fit the customer’s problems. Who needs high-tech software, expensive training, and reliable support when there is no need for them?

Another component of masVenta’s strategy to close the gap between consultancy and solution is project management. Professional project management ensures that an excellent concept will end up as an excellent solution. The position can be filled either by your own staff or by our certified project leaders. However, of most importance is that the appropriate project management is acted out.

We analyze your need, produce realistic concepts, and if desired, direct the realization process towards effective solutions. For us, ‘Effective’ means the integration of processes, organization, and technique in order to fulfill the desired effects in a verifiable way, such as an increase in turnover and/or cost reduction. 

Another aspect of our customer-oriented corporate philosophy is to make our customers independent by providing coaching, training, and finally, customer-friendly contracts. Independent customers are self-confident and satisfied customers who work with us because they are simply convinced about our services rather than being forced into dependencies and contracts.