Founded in 2007, masVenta aims to offer best services in areas of project management and business analysis. This is achieved by providing coaching, training and the initialization of highly-qualified staff.

The masVenta consultants and trainer have a wide experience with projects in fields such as IT and High Tech, Telecommunication, Energy Trading, Banking and Insurance Business.

Our Corporate Philosophy is, to professionally support Companies during the process of ongoing improvement. By providing project management, we close the gap between strategy and solution.

With our services, Business Analysis and Project Management, we support you to do the right things the right way. Effectively and efficiently.

As Customer-Relation-Management is one of the key aspects for every company, masVenta supports your business here as well. A consequent pathway of becoming a customer-orientated and partner-orientated company depends on various professional optimizations. This can be achieved by projects analyzing weak points in the company and then offering solutions by providing and bringing in adequate software.

The name masVenta came from a CRM project and means more sales (spanish: más venta).